Sideloaded binding not updated

Hi there,
I’m currently developing a Feller ZeptrionAir Binding for myself, because I’m fond of having fancy buttons with fancy magic behind. Thanks for the openHAB project therefore. Anyways, I’ve already started under openhab-addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.zeptrion at feller/zeptrion · mattbaumann/openhab-addons · GitHub .
I was able to compile it locally, create the kar (with the feature xml inside), upload it to the server folder /addons, find it with bundle:list (it is active) and via feature:list as openhab-bundle-zeptrion.
Then I changed to the web interface. Went to Settings/Addons/Search → Zeptrion → Install. Then to bindings / Add → Zeptrion Binding → Zeptrion Binding Thing (zeptrion::sample).

The question is, I’ve renamed my thing to ZeptrionAir as seen under openhab-addons/thing-types.xml at feller/zeptrion · mattbaumann/openhab-addons · GitHub . But unfortunately, OpenHab still shows me the ThingType as sample. (I assume this was the name of the thing in the binding template as produced by your script) Why is this happening? How is it possible, that OpenHab sees this zeptrion ThingType even though it is not part of the Kar Bundle (I’ve checked that at least twice)?

Thank you so much.

It’s probably stuck in the cache. Clear cache and restart OH. If not, manually uninstall the addon in karaf.

So I flushed the cache and restarted OH. No change. Separately, I removed the addon by feature:uninstall and bundle:uninstall, did neither help unfortunately.