SIEDLE n+1 Door Bell & Opener Integration with ZWAVE FGBS-222

It is straightforward to include a SIEDLE door station into a ZWAVE network with the Fibaro FGBS-222 Smart Implant without further hardware modification.
SIEDLE schematics can be found at the manufacturer site:
and Fibaro FGBS-222

Just connect power and ground of the FGBS222 (P, GND) with terminals (+, -). Connect input2 (IN2) with terminal 7.1 and configure voltage sensing mode on the input. This will give you about 19V idle and about 21V, when the bell is pressed, which can be implemented in a rule for detection (set analog sensing threshold parameter #63 to 10 )
I use input1 for an additionaly installed door closing (reed) contact.
Output2 (OUT2) is connected as a parallel door opener contact (Tö) from terminal b (12V ac).

Be careful when removing the front panel modules. You need a SIEDLE key
image or another contraption to not destroy the ratchets.

If you have more call buttons to detect you need more inputs. The Fibaro RGBW controller can be used with 4 voltage inputs.

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