Siemens logo Modbus TCP

Have a nice one to solve so basically i have an modbus TCP running to a Siemens logo but using the modbus addon. Controlling coils etc or reading stuff no problem. Now i have a weekly block with an on time mapped to memory as VM2 word. Now i know the register would be 1 in modbus addon configuration so i read it as int16 and i get a value 258 that translate to hexadecimal 0x0102 and that 01 is the hour and the 02 is the minute. Now configuring an item as a number with oh-input i can change it from 258 to 256 etc but that is not very intuitive is there a way to get the hex value into openhab? I can also read it as int8 1.0 and 1.1 and then get like 1.0 would be 01 and 1.1 would be 02 like stated before but two separate number items but there is no int8 holding write implementation in openhab.
Any help highly appreciated.

i can’t solve your issue but you will probably help me. Can you share with me the right poller for logo inputs I1… and outputs Q1…?

I have this but it doesn’t work.

Bridge poller discreteInputs [ start=0, length=6, refresh=1000, type=“discrete” ] {
Thing data i1 [ readStart=“0”, readValueType=“bit” ]
Thing data i2 [ readStart=“1”, readValueType=“bit” ]
Thing data i3 [ readStart=“2”, readValueType=“bit” ]
Thing data i4 [ readStart=“3”, readValueType=“bit” ]
Thing data i5 [ readStart=“4”, readValueType=“bit” ]
Thing data i6 [ readStart=“5”, readValueType=“bit” ]

Yep, there is only whole register & individual bit writing implemented with registers

You can implement a rule to handle command to “int8 items” with the following logic

  1. Combine high byte and low byte to form 2 byte register value
  2. Write register value to item mapped to register

So you would have 3 items

  1. Low byte, read only
  2. High byte, read only
  3. Register, write only