Siemens rds 110 thermostat

I am thinking of buying a siemens rds110 thermostat to control my home heating system.

I have seen that there is a siemens binding for their rds110 series of thermostats, but from a search in the forum I haven’t found any topics on it.
So I have the following questions:

  1. Has anyone bought the thermostat, is he happy with the device?

  2. Does the binding work, did he encountered any issues?

  3. Is it possible to integrate the thermostat locally, avoiding to use siemens cloud service?

Just discussion…

Yes. I have two. And I am happy with them. :slight_smile:

Yes it works perfectly. I wrote the binding myself.

No. The thermostats upload their data to the Siemens Cloud Server. And the binding fetches the data again from the Siemens Cloud Server.

Yes, Siemens assumes no liability to the extent allowed under the law for any losses
resulting from a failure to comply with the aforementioned points or for the
improper compliance of the same. You can go through Siemens repair center.