Sigma Design Z-Wave Public Spec

Hi all

As I understand it, OpenHAB uses openzwave to communicate with the z-wave hardware. Since Sigma has released the
would it make sense for OpenHAB to use this instead?


This is a specification that has been released - not software. The specification is used as a reference when writing the binding.

Right, I thought there was a reference implementation as well.
The way I understood it was that hw-manufacturers, like razberry, would make sure that their hardware would work according to the specification (or Sigma would make sure) and there would be a library that could expose the new standard and communicate with the hardware.
Maybe I got it wrong?

I guess you mean the Z/IP implementation which performs some of the low level communications. It still requires the command classes to be implemented. There’s no Java implementation - OH is a Java project which provides its portability.

The Z/IP isn’t very OH friendly at the moment as it’s closed source (maybe this is the wrong wording, but you need to purchase the Sigma developer kit in order to get the source, and it can’t be released) and isn’t Java, and isn’t (necessarily) easily portable.

I am having ongoing discussions with Sigma about a number of issues that will for sure improve the binding and its compliance, but this will take time. Sigma are being very helpful and are supportive of OH/ESH.