Sigmadesigns ZWave IP bridge (ZIPR)


Hi Chris, have you already seen these ZWave to IP bridges. Would you think these would be compatible with the binding (assuming we replace the serial part with some new code to deal with tcp)

Would be great to be able to separate the OH server location from the zwave dongle location

They don’t seem to be too expensive, only slightly more than a usb stick

Yes, I saw it a while back, but I have a suspicion that it will use a different protocol and won’t be directly compatible at least. Something I read led me to believe it was providing a different level of abstraction than the serial API provides, but without more detail it’s hard to say…

What I can say though is that the OH2 binding has been written in a way that may allow support of other interfaces - ie the serial port has been split out of the controller so that other interfaces could be implemented. This would however only work if the different interfaces are implemented at the same same “level” - ie here we are sending data at an ‘over the air’ level - so we interact directly with command classes. If an interface has a different level of abstraction, and provided (for example) an interface using a higher layer, then this likely won’t work…

If you find more information though, I’m definitely interested in taking a look :smile: