Sign in issue on Alexa

Hi all,
I have registered my device on the myopenhab service and can remotely control my devices. However when I try to link my account on the Alexa skill it tells me the username or password is wrong. trying to register tells me I am already registered.
Is there a configuration needed on the controller?
I have searched the forum extensively and looked over all of the documentation.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Alexa login: your Amazon username/password
Cloud login: your openHABCloud username/password

If that’s the only configuration needed then I definitely have a problem. I’m using the openhab login on this page, which works for me to access my dashboard and control my devices remotely:

Thanks for the pointers

Still no luck working this out, I cant get the skill to accept my sign in.
I have managed to get several 504 errors within the account linking page in Alexa app.

I cant be that unlucky that every time I try the server is overloaded, plenty of others seem to be able to link the skill.

I will try the overloaded thread Official Alexa Smart Home Skill for openHAB 2 for support

Capitalisation in the Alexa Skill with the keyboard app was the issue. Swapped default keyboard problem solved.

For info another user found deletion of myopenhab account and creation in the Alexa skill was enough to fix this issue for them.