Sign on to UI's

This may be a really dumb question but is there a way to limit entry into the UI’s. For example when I type in the IP of OH running on my PI (IP:8080) the UI’s load, is there a way to protect this from unauthorized users ?.

Not within openHAB itself . Come use an nginx reverse proxy to permit setting username and passwords. but that is limited too.

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So really the only thing protecting this is the WIFI password if someone is in range of the OH/Pi

If someone that should not have your WiFi password gets it, OH should be the least of your concerns. :wink:

Another option is to use OH on the guest network if your router has this. That way you have two different passwords.

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Another option to what H102 recommends is to configure OH to only listen on localhost or set up the firewall so it doesn’t accept connections outside of localhost and set up a reverse proxy as the only way to access OH when even on your LAN.

This feature is high on the list of goals for OH 3.0 if I read the issues and discussions correctly.

That is part of what is recommended when using a reverse proxy.