Signal Binding [;

Hello @keve,

Did you try the custom musl test release ?
I may have to make a new release sooner or later and would like to know if I will include the musl lib, as in my test, or if I have changes to make.

Hi @dalgwen,
first: thank you for all the effort and energy you put into this binding. It is great to see people are still putting their capabilities into free and open projects. Thank you!

I probably don’t have the same problem than keve, but I encounter the challenge to register my landline via voice. First error codes refer to the wrong signal-cli version. That is why I would like to use your linked snapshot .kar file.
But I can’t figure out how I make my openHAB instance use it.
I may oversee some basic documentation, but putting it into the addons folder and modify the service.cfg does not seem to work.
Could one guide me to a documentation or even tell me how to deploy the kar file?
Thank you in advance!

EDIT: I guess my problem has to do with my docker deployment of openHAB. I currently have no access to the environment and will check that later today.