Signal Strength not visable

Hello all,

I have the problem, that one my shelly 1 actor is not more showing the Signal Strength value as a number
on the right site from the OH app in iOS and Android. A other shelly, which is 1:1 configiured , shows the value from the Signal Strength correct.
I checked, boot items again, and they look 1:1 one the same.
Why the value is not vissibale as number anymore?
Please see the screenshots…
In the browser in PaperUI it looks good.


what changed from when it was working to now ?

Have you asked to see it? You might need to add something like [%d] to your Item or sitemap label text.

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I updated a couple of days from 2.5.3 to 2.5.5, this was the different I remember active…

Booth Item look from setings point of view in the same way.


Can you give us your items & Sitmap & MQTT files for the specific item.
And if you get warn or errors in your log as well .

it makes it easier to see.

Hello Allen,

I do all the configuation with the PaperUI. No files etc.
A delete and re-create of the item was also not successfull.


ok and your log ?

Humour me, and try putting
Signalstarke [%d]
in your Item label

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Here you are:

Well, it hasn’t got a value now (NaN). Have you looked in your events.log to see what it gets updated to?

You are right. After a Signal Level change, the value has been updated.

Question is now, it works like that, and the others work with this fix.