Silent Command to Google Home/Assistant/Chromecast

Iam using the latest Openhabian Version on a Raspberry Pi 3B

I tried many ways to start my TV via Openhab. It works sometimes but not as good as the command to my Google Home “OK Google Start my TV”

This works with a Chromcast. I couldn`t find a reliable way to do this with Openhab so far.

What should happen is:

TV is out of Power

When I come home the power should be set on and the TV should be started in the last used mode. (usally TV)

I could create a scene in Google Home for this. Is there a way to send a command to google home or maybe direct to the Chromecast to Power on the TV via Openhab?

Thank you

Yes my tv will power on when I cast to it. My tv has a built in chromecast but an added on one should also work if you enable the hdmi feature called CEC which may be called something different in your tvs settings.

Thx Matt,

My Tv Startrs when i do it as a Voice Command via Google, but when i Try it via openhab it wont start the TV :frowning:

Google cec and how to enable it in your tv. Your tv may call it something different like power on by hdmi. It is possible your tv does not have the option. I don’t know how google is doing it but cec can do it and is usually turned off by default.

You dont understand me .

Its working, i can start the TV via CEC and Chromecast. But im looking for a solution to do this via Openhab. To send the same command to the Chromecast like my Google Home mini does

Sorry I do not know, CEC works for me every time as I just cast using openhabs binding and the TV turns on. I understand what you are asking and maybe someone else knows. I use a Logitech harmony hub and I can use that to turn the TV onto a known state but to get a full automated TV I have had to piece together the HH and also move all watching to use KODI which then gives you a lot of control and the ability to display text on top of your viewing.

I wish the answer was simple but we live in a world where brands wish to lock you into only buying their products.

When you ask Google Home to cast content, the Chromecast wakes up from Ambient Mode and starts playing content. Your TV recognizes that state change over HDMI-CEC, and reacts by turning on the screen. So, the key is to start sending content to the Chromecast.

You can set your Chromecast as the default audio sink in PaperUI. And if so, you could probably send an audio file to it. However, I don’t know if that would be enough to wake up your TV.