Simon Dimmer IO and Master Rocker IO not recognized (Z-Wave)

I have this OH3 installation working flawless with near a hundred equipments. All good.

But unfortunately, although I do have some Light and Blinds switches working perfectly from Simon brand, the two I mentioned above does not seem to be inserted on the Z-Wave binding yet.

I mean, if someone points me in the direction of how this can be done, I can do it myself. Otherwise, here the necessary information in case someone wants to update the binding:

Dimmer link: Simon iO rocker for dimmer switch shiny matt black Simon 100 | SIMON
Master rocker link: Master rocker blinds Simon iO shiny matt black Simon 100 | SIMON

PDF for Dimmer:
PDF for Master Rocker:

Thank you guys. :slight_smile:

The database user guide can be found here.