Simple auto Off via webgui

Hi guys,
I’m using openhab 3,

in my old installation I used

rule "Reset button"
    Item voordeur received command ON
    createTimer(now.plusMillis(500), [ | voordeur .sendCommand(OFF) ] )

And this worked perfectly, I’m now trying to remake everything trough the gui for easy of acces,
but I can’t seem to find how to replicate a simple auto off after x seconds,

anyone have an idea how to do this via the rule builder (worst case via the code tab in the rule editor)

you can add meta data for expiration.

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alright this seems to work :smiley:
was well hidden for me thx a lot!

But expire method won’t go down to 500mS.

You can create a rule using UI, choose to include a DSL script action section, and paste in the same createTimer() code

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in this case, not really an issue.
its just to give a pulse to the door relais which has a 3 seconds timer built in in its hardware :slight_smile:

But the more options the merrier for future reference :slight_smile: