Simple httpbinding fails in OH3

Hi all,

I am struggeling with openhab 3 and http binding.

I created a very simple test scenario and even this fails:

what I did:

  1. I created a thing as httpbinding

UID: http:url:47fbe07c5e
label: mytest1
thingTypeUID: http:url
authMode: BASIC
ignoreSSLErrors: false
delay: 0
stateMethod: GET
refresh: 3
commandMethod: GET
contentType: text/plain
timeout: 3000
bufferSize: 2048

  • id: newch
    channelTypeUID: http:rollershutter
    label: dfgdfg
    description: “”
    stateExtension: test.html

The url returns a simple text “67”

Then I adden an item test as Rollershutter which I linked to the Rollershutter channel above.

However all I could see is in the logs that the value of my item changed from NULL to UNDEF.

What could be wrong?

Thanks for your help

Not an HTML page with visible text 67?

Create a string type channel and link to a String Item to see what you get.

as String item it does work

it shows 67 on the UI and in the OH event logs you can see

2021-07-24 17:18:08.706 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item ‘mynewitemstring’ changed from NULL to 67

what is the conclusion?