Simple IOS HABPanel app

Hi all!

Last couple of weeks (since being “trapped” at home) was playing with HABPanel and thx to existing threads was able to upgrade my Basic-UI setup to a more fancy looking experience. Since I want to access it remotely too on my iphone without typing username/password every time I wrote a super simple host app.

Setup is simple, just need to enter host/default dashboard/username/password - not to interfere with any UI/UX, setup pops up if one shakes the phone:

Anyone interested can find code here.


The Android app already allows you to view HABPanel remotely. If this is not already included in the iOS app, then others may appreciate if you submitted this as a new feature…

I know Android already allows that, but this is for IOS - and I’m also aware about existing openHAB ios app issues/requests - this is a stand-alone, not related to existing openHAB ios app - app - for now.

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Great work! FINALLY

This looks great, but I’ve a stupid question: how do I install this? The link goes to a video.


Unfortunately there is no download link since I have no such account I can sign&distribute the app with.

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What kind of permissions with apple does one need to be able to do this just as you did?

Hey! No special permissions, just an account that you can use to sign and distribute the app … For my personal use I (miss)use my company’s account, but unfortunately I cannot use that one to distribute the app publicly …

Does not look too bad using dark theme and OH3 MainUI

More detailed video here. First access over cloud takes a while but then seems to be quite snappy (still a bit slower compared when accessing from local network but that is expected).

Hi, your work looks nice indeed - so how do I get this to work for my personal iphone. I don’t have an account and I don’t want to sign and/or publish it.

Is there any way to compile your code so this works on my iphone? And preferably without having to jailbrake it. Gosh, I should have stuck with Android :wink:


Hi crnjan,

looks really nice and I tried do compile the Xcode Project in my MAC. Unfortunately it runs during compiling into an error (see below) and I have no clue what to do.
Can you provide some Help?

Can you do another pull? Just pushed changes I had locally for a while …

You are my HERO !!! of the Day… it’s getting compiled with 3 Wirings regarding APP Icons… (see picture)
When I start the APP there is no upcoming “dialog” to enter the URL to open hab system. But this could be a problem in the Xcode Simulator. I will give a try on a Test iPhone later and let you know…
Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-05 um 15.23.53

You see those warnings since not all resources are there (needed for app submission - app icons for example). You can select

if you want to try out the settings screen on simulator.

everything is working!!! THX a lot…

Is there a way to use/install it without a mac?

It seems the Apple ecosystem is very closed.