Simple IP-Switch and Actuator for Demonstrator

Hi there,

I want to build a simple demonstrator setup, for my friends and company to show the basic functionality and power and configurability of ESH and openHAB. I myself use mainly KNX but would prefer a much simpler setup for the demo. I.e. I use some raspberry pi as openHAB server and I’m looking for a simple HW switch and actuator which I can connect to it somehow via Ethernet. Is there a simple (and cheap) ethernet or wlan switch unit, where I don’t need to struggle with getting some bizarre gateway to interact with the pi?

BTW I’m thinking about getting philips hue as actuator but am looking for something else as switch/sensor to show the interoperability power of openHAB.


I would suggest Z-wave would be a good demo, but you need about 1 and a half hundred bucks - 50 for Z-wave Stick, 50 for relay from Fibaro and 50 for 6-in-1 Multisensor. This is very simple to setup.

If you are using an AVM fritzbox already I suggest to buy one FRITZ!DECT 200. You have a switch to control and sensors for temperature and power. I built a nice showcase with that.