Simple Low Battery Widget


All of my (Kyle Mason) (mediatech15) widgets are free to copy modify and edit how you see fit. You may re-post the variants freely (an inspired by is nice)

This was inspired by rlk_battery_list but was meant to be simpler to configure and easier to style if you wish to copy. The widget populates with items from a Group Location(s) you specify that have a low battery. The threshold is currently 20. Features include:

  • Responsive
  • Cell Style
  • Multi-select groups

The groups/locations you choose should hold the root items with batteries. The multi-select makes it easy to group things together.




Version 1.0

  • initial release


Version latest

Gitlab Snippet (Widget Code raw for karaf)

Version 1.0

Github Snippet (Widget Code)

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Thanks for this awesome widget.
I wanted to try this out but it doesn’t show any low battery entries.

If I set the"group" of battery items I get following info in the log file:

The widget will not show any entries.
I have set the threshold to 80 for testing.

Can you please help?

And this is the group of battery items:

Works now, I have seen you add to every item the text “BatteryLevel”.
I have removed this and all is working fine.

Correct I was basing it off of some of the auto naming. It probably doesn’t account for all. It also does rely minimally on a nesting pattern if you look at the code