Simple Sonos setup - utterly dazed and confused!

I’m a beginner.
I’ve set up using the Paper UI one sonos device (Beam).
This appears in the Control section - where the menu items work for the device.
Essentially, I simply want to be able to mute/unmute the sound (and possibly the volume). Aim is to register this via openhab cloud (for google home access).

I am utterly confused by all the documentation and the detailed postings I’ve read - I’m unsure about how to format the item and thing config files (and whether I need a sitemap file?)

I’ve modified a couple of thing and item files I found on github, but it’ss all hit and miss. I could post them in a follow up if someone is prepared to help me (with a breakthrough!)

I’m confused by how to move on from the web control setup I have working.

Hope some kind user can help me out.

Welcome to the openHAB Forum.

If you have your Beam as as item, you will find under each channel ( like mute) the correct syntax to be used for linking an item. Using the button next to it will copy that string.
Something like:

Dimmer MyBeamVolume {channel=“sonos…”}

Thinking about it, if you can control the Beam from the control section you already have those channels linked to items (most probably done automatically by the simple mode).

Thanks for the reply!

Yes I have the channels set-up.

But my problem starts with what to declare in the thing and item config files.

So I the following content (not saved in the /conf folder as yet).


Thing sonos:Beam:BEAM “BeamTV” [udn=“RINCON_949F3ED5AA0601400”, refresh=60]


Player Sonos_Controller “Controller” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:Beam:BEAM:control”}
Dimmer Sonos_Volume “Volume [%.1f %%]” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:Beam:BEAM:volume”}
Switch Sonos_Mute “Mute” <soundvolume_mute> (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:Beam:BEAM:mute”}

I haven’t set up a sitemap file.

If you have already created and linked Things and Items using PaperUi, you have no need of xx.things and xx.items files. These are alternative means to the same end.

PaperUI is an adminstrators interface. When you want to set up a user-facing interface, where you choose what is shown and what you can do with it, the beginner"s choice would be BasicUI controlled by a sitemap.

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So, a simple sitemap would be suitable?

  But, doesn't the openhab cloud Google linking need the config


Sitemap is about a local UI.

I don’t know what you need for cloud.

Okay! I’m running before I can walk by asking about the cloud

  I've composed a default.sitemap & items - does they look

okay? (If I edit it later, do I have to restart openhab to pick
up changes?)


sitemap default label=“My sitemap”
Switch item=Mute label=“Mute On/Off”



  Switch Mute "Mute On/Off"  <soundvolume_mute> {

channel=“sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_949F3ED5AA0601400:mute” }

Best test is to fire up BasicUI and look at your sitemap. I’m unclear why you decided to make a new Item from an xx.items file, but you can if you wish. Items are Items once they have been loaded, and you may freely include PaperUI created Items in your sitemap.

If you omit the label= in a sitemap line, it uses the default label given in the Item definition. You don’t need to give a label in the sitemap, unless you want it show differently.

I’ll edit the map file. It’s showing in the Basic UI …
starting to get the hang of this now!

Bear with it. There is a very steep learning curve to getting started with openHAB because there are many moving parts.