Simple UI Switch not working

I have a setup with heating regulators. Eurotronic Zwave Spirit.
On OH2x I have defined a virtual switch (Switch HVAC_OnOff “AZ_Heat_OnOff”) defined in an .item File.

With that Switch I activate or deactivate alle heating items in all rooms.

No I’m going to port my setup to OH 3.
I did this on a second system and will setup all from a fresh state.

So I just played a little bit.
I created a simple switch item on the UI.

When I saved it, i saw the UI Item in the browser an can toogle it.

But when I look in the logs I saw that only the ON State is logged. The off-State not.
I used also a rule with a script to log the states.
This also works only for changing to on.

Any idea whats going wrong?

You probably need to read -

Thanks, but does this belongs also to a virtual switch? In this examples is talked about switches with hardware behind…

Yes - it seems to be a UI issue, so it doesn’t matter what the switch is connected to.

Did you try any of the discussed work arounds? What was the result?

I read it, but not very concentrated. In most cases hardware was mentioned so my thoughts are, that’s not my fault. But now I will try it.

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