Simple water level hardware and monitor into OH

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for advice for a possible solution to my problem.

In my basment where my old oil heater is burning oil to heat our house. It spit out every time after heating some water out of the system. I have no other possibility to collect this water with a small bucket. I always have to think about to empty this bucket otherwise the watter will go onto the ground when the bucket is full.

I did some research on the net for a simple system that could warn me before the bucket is full. But I did not found very much things.

I do have either homematic ip runing on a rasperimatic or a new zigbee con2 stick.

It should run on batteries, beeing mobile and small to fit on the edge of this bucket.

Maybe someone can give me some advice.

Thanks for the help

I’m using the water sensor from Aqara (Xiaomi). They are battery powered.

You can mount him on a piece of wood and clamp it at the top of the bucket.
I think you can use it with the con2 stick directly without the hub.

If you buy it from a chinese website like banggood or gearbest it will be cheaper.

I did the same thing. I bought the Xiaomi sensors from dealextreme. Delivery takes a bit longer however it’s much cheaper than on amazon.
The Xiaomi sensors work great with the Conbee II stick you already have.

Okay, thanks for the quick response.

Maybe you could install a condensate pump in your bucket and pump the water to the drain. You can also put a float switch in to detect failure of the pump.

If your bucket never gets full you won’t get a notification.