Single device has three 'sub devices'

I’ve got a Leviton Vizia RF + 2-Button Scene Controller with Switches. It’s basically a two gang light switch in a one gang package size. However, it’s a weirdly implemented beast on the inside, with three separate zwave devices in it.

There are two binary switch devices in it, as you’d expect, to control the loads. However, these are not connected to the buttons on the front of the switch. Instead, there is a third device, a scene controller, that takes input from two buttons. By default, the association group for each of the scene controller’s buttons is attached to the corresponding binary switch id.

The clincher is that all three of these devices report the same manufacturer, device id, and device type, despite not actually all being the same. Sure, the two binary switches are the same, and could share all their attributes, but the scene controller is definitiely different.

How is this supported in the 2.0 version of the zwave plugin for openhab? It seems that there needs to be two contradictory entries in the device database for this device.

FWIW, ids are:
manufacturer 0x1d
deviceId 0x243
deviceType 0x1102