Single impulse to switch item

I use a switch item to send a single impulse to an air conditioner, simulating a remote control. but openhab randomly repeats the command, sometimes two times three times. How can I solve the problem?

I would use a switch and the expire-binding.
Post you code please.

How exactly is your setupt?

Switch item -> which thing? -> which hardware?

What binding do you use? I think your description has not enough information to give you a proper answer.

Sending an impulse, simulating remote, sounds for me like you use a transmitter infrared, rf etc…

Something I can say is, if you use an 433MHz transmitter with an rpi and the RPI_utils/send, then this is hardcoded. But I think it can be changed, somehow.

I interface openhab with the souliss framework. ( which can be controlled by an app on android systems. On the Souliss side everything works fine, a single pulse is sent via a nodeMCU card with an IR transmitter, while on the openhab side this command is repeated several times. this is the code for the item:

Switch  condizionatore_notte_off  ""    <button>     (gclima, TechnicView_Node1)   {souliss="T14:3:0",  autoupdate="true"}
String clima_notte_preset    "clima notte"                                         (gclima, TechnicView_Node1)

and this is the sitemap:

Switch item=clima_notte_preset  mappings=["0"="              OFF"]

and the rule:

rule "clima giorno preset"


Item clima_giorno_preset received command	

switch(receivedCommand) {

case "0": sendCommand( condizionatore_giorno_off, ON)


I’m guessing, you also have a cluma_notte_preset rule? :wink:

  • what’s in the logs, if you press the button?
  • and why do you need so many blanks für the mapping in your sitemap?

on a side note:

  • do you only need ON/OFF or are there other modes also?

yes, I also have a rule.
I attach the log of another item (mediacenter), which works with the same criterion. As you can see, I sent a single command and there were three status changes.
I need so many spaces for a correct impagionation on the android app. And yes, I only need to ON / OFF, indeed for the accuracy being a single impulse is enough ON only

IMHO the log doesn’t show duplicated events. It shows an event : “change from ON to OFF” followed by: " change from OFF to ONE and then back again.
Do you use the expire-binding.