Single RPI, for both OH and Control Panel

The way I understand it so far is:

  1. OH resides on a dedicated computer
  2. Access/controls can be done via openHAB:8080, from any device (tablet, smartphone,…) on the same (or remote) network.

I have an RPI with an official RPI 7” display and frame. I was hoping to install both OH on the RPI and use the attached touch screen to control OH … and have that hard-mounted to a wall somewhere in the house (e.g. near entrance door). It looks like the cleanest way to achieve this is to run two RPIs, on the same network, one housing OH, and the second (with the touch display) running web browser via port 8080.

My question: is a single RPI (+ touch display) feasible at all for running both functions ?


technically feasible, yes.

In case you want to tie it with a UPS or wire network it may make sense to have it on a separate RPI tough. Beware that the memory needed for the whole thing as openhab + graphical environment + browser may exceed the RAM available on your PI.

Depending on the model of the pi, it goes without saying

Correct, I’m running 12 docker images on my RPI4 including Openhab and Openhabcloud and it’s all running quite smoothly. On my rpi2 however, I had the occasional hiccup’s and sensors/lights not responding that quickly

Recently found out that the screen enclosure works only for RPI3 (not RPI4) … I’m thus back to 2 RPIs:

  • RPI4 that houses openHAB installation, hard wired to network + UPS
  • RPI3 + display as separate interface module (attached to wall)