SIR-321 Missing Command and Events


I am running openHAB 2.3 and using it to control some Z-Wave devices.

I have a SIR-321 RF Countdown Timer.

Turning it on/off through openHAB works great.
But when I turn the switch on/off physically I am not receiving the event in openHAB.

Looking at the openhab.log file I see the following warning:

2018-12-01 16:12:10.764 [WARN ] [mmandclass.ZWaveScheduleCommandClass] - NODE 2: Unsupported Command 5 for command class SCHEDULE (0x53).

Looking at the thing configuration I don’t see the SCHEDULE command class among the implemented classes.
However, this command class does appear in the User Manual:

Was it not implemented for a reason?
Is it possible to implement such command class? If so, where can I find some references to how to do so.


Thanks for the reply, I was hoping for a more detailed explanation.
I already came across the cd-jackson db but I don’t quite understand where the exported device xml configuration goes.
I want to fiddle with it and see if I can add the missing channel for the SCHEDULE and wanted to know maybe there are devices with similar things already implemented?

You need to wait for the changes being merged and then update to the latest zwave snapshot binding.

I would need to search the same way you could do that :grinning:

How can I test my changes locally before I submit them to review? I need to play around with it to make sure it’s even possible and if so to verify it actually works…

The schedule command class is not implemented and would be a lot of work to implement - partly because the CC itself is quite complex, but also you’d need to work out how to shoe-horn its configuration into the OH UIs which are not really well aligned. This is really the biggest problem in my mind…

Hi Chris,

Where can I get some info/documentation regarding what it takes to implement a command class?
Maybe a link to a review of a command class that was previously added?


All command classes are implemented in the binding - you can look at the source there.

As I said though, that’s the easy part…

So to make sure I understand this correctly, the hard part would be that there is no matching item type you can bind in OH?

Not sure I completely understand the command class requirements from the user’s manual, what is actually needed to be represented? Is it just the schedule state (on/off) and the duration in minutes, or am I missing something?
Can it be bound to two items, for example a switch and a number?