Siren/Door bell (NAS-AB01Z) - How to use it

I bought the NAS-AB01Z Siren/Door bell and have some problems understanding how to use all its functions. It is suppose to have an alarm and a separate door bell feature.

It pops up as the “Siren Alarm” unit when discovered (3 fast pushes on the settings button) but it also discovers 2pcs. of “Unknown Z-Wave device”.

The discovered siren alarm can be turned on and off with a switch item but there is no control for the doorbell function.

Does anyone know how to get the feature working? There is a non switchable switch item called alarm, maybe this is the actual alarm siren and the switch that works is the doorbell? If so, how do I send a z-wave “Alarm on” signal? (Which I can read me to in the manual is what the siren is listening for.

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I’m not a Z-Wave user but @chris, @Bruce_Osborne or @sihui can help or check the link here:

I believe Chris has been working with a user to get this functioning properly. It has taken some binding modifications due to new classes involved, I believe. There is a GitHub issue filed here.

The difference between the Siren & the Doorbell are just the added buttons packaged with the Doorbell. They are also available separately to add to the Siren.

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I guess you included your device multiple times because you did not wake it up after the first inclusion.
That leaves you with ghost nodes which can cause problems later …

If you have a switch available, you have your control :grinning:
To distinguish between “siren” and “doorbell” function you need to use a rule and for example change the sound and volume between those functions.
For that there is a config_decimal channel which can control parameter 7.


Thanks Bruce! I will read thru that massive thread asap. Just to sum up, is the device updated in later versions of OH2 or do I need to modify something to get it working properly?

Many Thanks!

Thanks Sihui also!

The two first devices is always detected on the first push and the correct device is discovered on the third push which is correct according to the manual.

I also thought about that work around but I want to have the device work as intended, with two different bells switches as there are two separate settings of each setting for the bells.

How would you change bell sound and volume in a rule? I have not tried to change settings on the fly like that before.

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Trigger on a number item linked to the config_decimal channel and then set your desired tone and volume.

Where do you see two switches?

Trigger on a number item linked to the config_decimal channel and then set your desired tone and volume.

I’m not so experienced but the trigger would be something in my Alarm or doorbell rules right? Do you have an example of how to change a setting just the row before you activate a siren or Bell (switch)?

Where do you see two switches?

I don’t, but the device is sold as a Alarm siren AND doorbell so the only way they could fulfill the feature that made me buy their product, is to have a switch for the doorbell and one for the alarm :slight_smile:

Also having separate volume and sound settings for the alarm siren and door bell point to the fact that it is two different features hence should be one switch for each right?

Thanks for you help Sihui!

The device can be controlled by 2 different switches with different tones if I recall correctly. Many people here have switched on 2 different outside doors of their house.
The doorbell comes packaged with the switches which can also be purchased separately.

It might be easier to set the desired sound for
The switches on the device. Since there are so many settings for that device some are hidden by default in advanced configuration.

No, please use the various examples in this forum and try it. If you have a basic rule and it is not working post it here and someone will help.

No, that is the reason why there is a config_decimal channel linked to a number item, please read the docs for parameter 7:

This parameter defines the default music index, volume and duration time for siren on.
This parameter can be selected between ALARM MUSIC and DOOR BELL music.
The settings for ALARM MUSIC defines by Param #1, #2, #5.
The settings for DOOR BELL defines by Param #3, #4, #6.

So in your rule you do a sendCommand(y) to your device where y is the parameter you want to use.