Sitemap Action button no showing mappings

I have a stable OH 2.4 on a RPi with about 25 z-wave devices. I want to add a “House Mode” item to use in my preprogrammed rules. All my 20 or so rules files now are for “normal” operation, but want to add scenarios like “party” “sickday”, etc. to address family complaints when these special situations arise. I followed the tutorial by Thom Dietrich on a Heating Boiler plate solution. I added an .items file-

String House_Mode "Global House Mode [%s]"

And a Sitemap file-

sitemap myhouse label=“my first sitemap”{
Selection item=House_Mode label=“House Mode” mappings=[Normal=“Normal”, Party=“Party”, Sickday=“Home on weekday”, Vacation=“Out of Town”]

I get a “action” button on Habmin with a Chrome browser, but the mappings do not appear when I hit the down arrow. I thought this would be how I would change the House_Mode from one scenario to another. Am I missing some coding, using Habmin incorrectly or is it a browser problem? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi Bob,
what you have done seems all ok. But only when using BasicUI as surface.
If you’re using Habmin there should be other ways to represent your settings. But I don’t know how, as I’m using BasicUI :wink:

HABmin is for administrator use, not for “real” users.
I guess you are using HABmin>Sitemaps viewer, which to be honest is just an outline viewer and has not been maintained for some time.

Switch to a proper UI like BasicUI for everyday control. It has icons and everything!

Thanks. That did the trick. I did not know that about HABmin. Did not even have BasicUI installed