Sitemap autoupdate issue

Good day OpenHab community!

It seems I have some strange issue, but maybe this is “by design”. I have few MQTT clients. They read specified topics and writes data back. For example, I want to control music box from openhab. I want to trigger “enable” switch in openhab UI and listen music (it works). But when the music stops it should trigger switch back to OFF state. Here I have a tricky situation. It works, the switch goes to disabled (OFF) state but to see the actual result I need to refresh openhab UI page. Is it possible to do updates automatically?


Switch Music_background_enabled "Enabled [%s]" {mqtt=">[OpenHab:quest/room1/music/background_enabled:command:ON:1], >[OpenHab:quest/room1/music/background_enabled:command:OFF:0], <[OpenHab:quest/room1/music/background_enabled:state:ON:1], <[OpenHab:quest/room1/music/background_enabled:state:OFF:0]"}


sitemap room1 label="Room"

	Frame label="Sound"
		Frame label="Background"
			Slider item=Music_background_volume

ehm? why? what?

Are you running OH 2.1 ?

And please tell us in which UI we see this problem and if it is for all UIs.

I’m still running OH 2.0 and I see such problem on basic UI.

I believe I fixed the refresh of frame in frame in OH 2.1 for Basic UI and Classic UI. It is probably not yet fixed in HABdroid.

Cool! So I just need to update to 2.1, right?

Yes I think