Sitemap configuration in Habmin2?

Back when I was first trying to setup OpenHab 1.x, Habmin allowed me to easily create sitemaps.

Now I’ve changed over to OpenHab 2, and notice Habmin2 doesn’t seem to have this feature. Am I just missing something, or is it in fact not there?
If I had to, would I be able to have both Habmin1 and Habmin2 installed? Or is there some other simple way to create sitemaps without having to do it all in nano?

You should be using Designer.

I don’t know if you can use both Habmins at the same time. But have you looked into Habpanel? You built the UI in the browser and it is pretty simple to set up and attractive.

Just installed Habpanel. Looks pretty nice and simple, but looks like it is missing some stuff. Like 1.9x bindings, such as my Nest…

I’m confused. Habpanel, classic ii, basic ii, etc all only deal with Items and are completely isolated from specific bindings, just as sitemaps in 1.9 work.

I’m no expert on Habpanel but I believe that as long you have an Item or Items for the Nest, Habpanel will display them. When I did experiment with it I did use Items bound to Nest.

Looking at it again, the Nest items are there. I guess I would make the Nest a slider? Didn’t see a spinner option, so just assumed Nest wouldn’t work.
Basically looking for an easy way to make a sitemap for use with Habdroid. When adding items they show up in Habdroid just fine. Problem is, it just lists everything, which will get annoying as I add more stuff. I’d like to make more of a treeview setup. Launch Habdroid and see ‘Living Room’, ‘Kitchen’, etc. Click on of those, and be presented with the lights in that room. Plus, Nest doesn’t show since its a 1.9 binding and that only shows under the sitemaps, as far as I know.
Nest isn’t the biggest concern, though would be nice. If I could just get all the lights into groups, and have to use the actual Nest app, that wouldn’t be terrible.

Habpanel does not work with Habdroid. It is it’s own thing. You will need to create a sitemap file for that. If Habmin 2 no longer supports creating sitemaps you will have to write your own. I know of no way to create sitemaps any other way.

By default, if you do not create a sitemap then you will get a list of all the Things. But you shouldn’t rely on that because, as you surmise, only 2.0 bindings have Things. And IMHO you shouldn’t address Things on a sitemap, only Items.

Bummer, that’s what I was afraid of. Time to try and find some examples for these GE/Jasco switches/dimmers.

If I installed the zwave binding in PaperUI, do I need to install it again the old fashioned way for sitemaps to see it? Following some examples, but nothings working.

I just want to emphasize again, the sitemap does not know nor does it care the brand, model, or even the binding. It only cares about Items. So you only need find examples of Switches and Dimmers, which are fully documented on the wiki and there are examples of in the demo sitemap.

No. If you installed the 2.0 zwave binding you need to put the channel ID in your Item’s { }. The setup is different as well If you installed the 1.9 SNAPSHOT you can leave the binding string as is.

See the OH 2 docs for how to work with the 2.0 zwave binding.

Thank you, mentioning that I needed to specify channel in the items pointed me to finding a working example. Most all googling I’ve done always points me to 1.x stuff.