Sitemap 'default' could not be found


I´ve downloaded 1.8.2, did a completely clean installation but no one of my sitemaps gets found! Even the demo sitemap gets an “org.openhab.ui.webapp.render.RenderException: Sitemap ‘demo’ could not be found” although it definitively is inside “/etc/openhab/configurations/sitemaps”

Anyone else experiencing this behavior?

Best regards!

How did you install openHAB?

apt-get install openhab-runtime

I think I´ll give it up and go back to 1.8.1… For me something is strange with this release… Will see if 1.8.1 works like before…

I am facing the same problem. Tried to install 1.8.1. some days ago, and because of problems, I downgraded back to 1.7.1.
Now I wanted to give it another try, this time with 1.8.2, again facing problems.
Configuration model ‘default.sitemap’ can not be found

In 1.7.1 at least the openhab web-gui starts, but now the debug.log says:
org.openhab.ui.webapp.render.RenderException: Sitemap ‘default’ could not be found

In the log I see that items are receiving updates, but not with their names, as usually, but only with internal ids. I also had problems with reading configuration files, e.g.
Can’t open model file 'myopenhab’
Configuration model ‘rrd4j.persist’ can not be found

I checked permissions (chmod, chown), no further ideas …

Btw, I did a plain install manually, not using apt-get
Any idea?
Thanks in advance

Hi guys,

good news! It works for me now.

Seems that the current “vanilla jessie” release of debian did the trick. With my old “legacy wheezy” server image, openhab seems to have some problems. Don’t know exactly what it is, but installing a current vanilla jessie image on my cubietruck did the trick.

My old default.sitemap works fine again and even the current demo.sitemap works.

Best regards!

Hi guys,

I found the real reason now :wink:

When I´m updating, I always delete all the files in /configurations folder and uploading my backup files over there. And that´s the problem since 1.8.x???

There is a file called “openhab_default.cfg” which defines nice little things like:

folder:items=10,items folder:sitemaps=10,sitemap folder:rules=10,rules folder:scripts=10,script folder:persistence=10,persist

Previous openhab versions seem to work without this config parameters. The current versions seem to ignore for example the sitemap file without this parameters.

Good to know :grinning:

Best regards,

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I have a copy of these settings in my local “openhab.cfg” in parallel, with other time settings.
So from my point of view, unfortunately this is no solution, at least in my case.