Sitemap : Do not round up my value (Modbus)

Hi all !

I have an SMA inverter at home and I communicate with it through modbus.

As you can see in the images, the Openhab code rounds up the obtained values (I have no digits after the decimal. Only a zero). In other words, I would like Openhab to show me 11.6 kWh rather than 12 kWh (compared to the example)

I can’t find the parameter needed to show the exact (unrounded) value.

Can anyone help me?

Item :

Number:Energy             inverter1DailyYield           "Rendement du jour de l'onduleur [%.1f kWh]"             <line>          (Inverter1, gsavedatamidnight)  ["Measurement", "Energy"]       {channel="modbus:data:inverter1:Yield:Day_Yield:number"}

Sitemap :

        Frame label="Rendement" {
                Text  item=inverter1DailyYield

Dioes it? Meaning what state is actually loaded into your Item? (see your events.log maybe)