Sitemap does not update for my sensor

Hello, I would like to get some help:

In my sitemap i’ve got:

Text item=Temp label=“Temperatuur [%s °C]”

In the itemsfile;

String Temp “Temperatuur: [%s]” {mqtt="<[broker:cabinet/verwarming/info/temp:state:default]"}

This shows the correct data if I open the page. However it does not update. In the log I see that the updates are comming in:

2018-03-28 00:17:26.082 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Temp changed from 21.42 to 21.33

However it does not get updated automatically on the screen. If I do a F5, refresh, it is again the latest and correct value.

What am I missing? I’ve been searching for hours now… :frowning:


Did you already restart openHAB? There is an (open) issue that changing items, things or sitemaps will cause autoupdate to fail.

No, I didn’t know.

So I did a restart after you told me and yes, it is working correctly now.