Sitemap doesn't show chart (if an item gets data by rule)

  • Platform information:
    BeagleBoard 512MB RAM
    Linux Debian 10.2
    JDK 11

    • openHAB version: 3.4.2
  • Issue of the topic:
    While the item value is shown in sitemap as text field, it doesn’t show a chart.
    Item is a sum of two values.
    script: |

        var A, B, C, D, E, F;

        A = itemRegistry.getItem('Smart_Meter_101670').getState();
        B = itemRegistry.getItem('Solar_AC_number').getState();
        C = A + B;
        D = C * 100;
        E = Math.round(D);
        F = E / 100;
        events.sendCommand('Verbrauch_intern', F);

Charts are drawn in other pages, but not in sitemap!?

First I have done this sum by adding this two items to a group and sum it. That works in other pages but not in sidemap. The chart is printed bit it show two lines in same chart (while I would have one line as a sum of it).

Any idea how to solve that?

Second question / less important. How to get the label to be printed somewhere in the chart? I could see this only if I let display the grouped item, then it prints a legend into the diagram.

Maybe I need to add the info that Solar_AC_number is created out of http-Binding but converted to a number:power

sitemap Power label="Power" {
    Text item=Smart_Meter_101670 label="Verbrauch (extern)" icon="energy"
    Text icon="energy" item=Solar_AC_number label="Solar [%.1f W]"
    Text item=Verbrauch_intern label="Verbrauch (intern) [%.1f W]" icon="energy"
    Chart item=Verbrauch_intern period="h" label="Verbrauch_intern" icon="energy"

(Text field is printed but not the chart).