Sitemap element to call another sitemap

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I have situation where I need to call ‘A’ Sitemap in Sitemap ‘B’ .
This is required as I have lot of configuration in sitemap A but my Main Sitemap is B.
I do not want to maintain the sitemap A elements code at two different places .

A quick search on the forum before posting would have turned up this:

Thanks Vincent need some more help as solution is not working .

when I followed the post suggested
In site map :

Item File entry :

Sitemap Entry : Text item=Link_amzonechocontrol

If I read the following thread correctly, this is not working in openHAB2 (it used to work in openHAB1, albeit as an unsupported/accidental feature):

nice feature to reduce the size of long running sitemaps & will facilitate multiple css ( I like blue my wife Pink & My son Yellow ) & can have more than one sitemap without duplicating the sitemap elements .
Looking out for this option in coming release .

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