Sitemap for graphs / statistics


Currently I have three sitemaps:

  1. House - The main sitemap, mainly include controls and status
  2. Settings - All setting are here, e.g., how much time to delay alarm arming etc.
  3. Developer - Shows raw data information, items as they are,

I want to add charts. Basically, charts are not used that often but they are nice to have (the data of the chart is more important of course). The easy thing is to add each chart as page of the item, e.g., add chart to entry which shows the humidity in the kitchen:

Text Gmidity_Kitchen {
Image …

But I tend more to have separate sitemap that will hold statistics and charts.

It will be great to hear opinions / suggestions


Did you consider looking into the Documentation?

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Hi @opus

I am not looking how to do it, this I know. I use Grafana / Influxdb for charts. My question was more how to organise things within sitemaps …

You are already well outside my approach so my opinion probably doesn’t account for much. Personally, my sitemap is pretty much only for administration/development. Everything else either just happens or has some other way to control it (button, Google Home, etc).

Ask yourself how do you intend to use these charts? Are they used to help you create settings? Are they used to help you develop? Are they used to provide useful information to your users? If so put them on one of those.

If not, why put them in a sitemap at all? Just go to the Grafana dashboard to look at charts and save all the work to create yet another sitemap.


Rick, I think we both agree on what you wrote, and I totally agree with your approach. I do think the “Smart Home” is not just pressing the button on the mobile phone (I can press the wall switch instead), Smart home means that thing will happen and I don’t need to be active for that (I come home, lights are on, my favorite music starts etc).

I agree, charts are not for the user, they are for the developer to have the ability to look on the big picture and from that to conclude. This is why I wanted to have separate sitemap. This is just to give me the ability to look on things when I am not near my computer.

BTW, I really appriciate you answers and find them very useful!