Sitemap: group (defined in .items) not expanding in UI

I assume that openhab works on the basis to have e.g. .sitemap, .items as a bare minimum. No matter what the and openhab.cfg is shared/used by all of them.

So I created a new max01.sitemap and max01.items like below; I see the three groups in the first screen, House and Shed will show their ‘children’, while The Property (gOutdoors) does not.
I have no other files, like .rules .transform, etc.
Any pointers on what I did wrong here?

sitemap max01 label=“Argyle Court Automation” {
Frame {
Text item=Date
Frame {
Group item=gHouse label=“The House” icon="house"
Group item=gShed label=“The Shed” icon="house"
Group item=gOutdoors label=“The Property” icon=“garden2”

Group All

Group gHouse (All)
Group gShed (All)
Group gOutdoors (All)

Group gHouse_Living “Living Room” <living> (gHouse)
Group gHouse_Dining “Dining Room” <dining> (gHouse)
Group gHouse_Kitchen “Kitchen” <kitchen> (gHouse)
Group gHouse_Helga “Office Helga” <office> (gHouse)
Group gHouse_Max “Office Max” <office> (gHouse)
Group gHouse_Laundry “Laundry” <washingmachine> (gHouse)
Group gHouse_WalkIn “Walk-in Robe” <wardrobe> (gHouse)
Group gHouse_Master “Master Bedroom” <bedroom> (gHouse)
Group gHouse_Ensuite “Ensuite” <bath> (gHouse)
Group gHouse_Bathroom “Bathroom” <bath> (gHouse)
Group gHouse_Hallway “Hallway” <corridor> (gHouse)

Group gShed_Tower “Tower” <tower> (gShed)
Group gShed_Office “KDL” <office> (gShed)
Group gShed_Bathroom “Bathroom” <bath> (gShed)
Group gShed_Mediaroom “Media Room” <media> (gShed)
Group gShed_Master “Bedroom” <bedroom> (gShed)
Group gShed_MezzEast “Mezz East” <office> (gShed)
Group gShed_MezzWest “Mezz West” <office> (gShed)

Group gOutdoors_IrrigationTank “Irrigation water tank” <cistern-60> (gOutdoors)
Group gOutdoors_ShedTank “Rainwater Tank Shed” <cistern-80> (gOutdoors)
Group gOutdoors_RainTank “Rainwater Tank House” <cistern-70> (gOutdoors)
Group gOutdoors_BoreTank “Borewater Tank House” <cistern-40> (gOutdoors)
Group gOutdoors_WormFarm “WormFarm Tank” <sewerage-50> (gOutdoors)

Any hints appreciated; thanks.

Well… I have since installed designer on Windows…
… opened max01.items:

  • and it puts a red X in front of these lines.
    I wrote a new line and got a red twiggly line under the dash in the image name. Taking the dashes out of all image names and the group now expands.

Was: Group gProperty_IrrigationTank “Irrigation water tank” <cistern-60> (gProperty)
Now: Group gProperty_IrrigationTank “Irrigation water tank” <cistern60> (gProperty)

I mean, the image directory has all these icons with a - in them. Why is this seemingly only causing me a problem?

You are trying to use a dynamic icon as a static icon. See the wiki:

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Was that all? :slight_smile:

So, does this mean I can only use images without a dash in them – as the dash denotes a ‘state’-changing icon?

Ahhh, read it again: Feel free to put your own icons into that directory. The images must be
in png format, having a size of 32x32 pixel and a name with only small letters and the underscore.

Thanks again for your help. I do appreciate it!

As you’ve already found out:
If you want to use the dynamically items just use the image name without the added states. (excerpt from the wiki)