Sitemap: icon and label missing

For element type ‘Chart’ the sitemap documentation says

Chart [item=<itemname>] [icon="<iconname>"] [label="<labelname>"] [refresh=xxxx]
[period=xxxx] [service="<service>"] [begin=yyyyMMddHHmm] [end=yyyyMMddHHmm] [legend=true/false]

But icon and label are not considered in the graph. Example:

Chart item=SolarOst_Power period=D label="Power 24h" icon="solarplant" legend=true

→ Label used from the item, but not from the example and icon is missing

I assume it is a copy/paste typo in the description and that specific label/icon are not applicable for a chart element.

Can someone confirm?

Thank you.

These elements are “applicable”, in that they are an accepted part of the syntax.
What the UI that is rendering the sitemap does with them, is another story.

BasicUI doesn’t render them, effectively replacing the usual widget “line” with the chart image.
Other UIs may behave differently.

Thanks for clarification @rossko57