Sitemap Input-Type time suffix


i added an Input-Type in my .sitemap and configured it as time. (inputHint=“time”)
Now i wanted to add the suffix “Uhr” behind the value. Hoped to be outputted as “10:00 Uhr” (Uhr = o’ clock in german)


Input item=Trockenfutterspender_Kueche_Uhrzeit label=“Futterzeit” inputHint=“time”

shows the current time, without any suffix (e.g. 10:00), on the website and mobile app.
Screenshot 2023-12-02 074210

When trying to add a suffix like this:

Input item=Trockenfutterspender_Kueche_Uhrzeit label=“Futterzeit [%s Uhr]” inputHint=“time”

it works on the desktop site.
Screenshot 2023-12-02 074639
On the mobile app it does not and instead shows the whole DateTime-value.

Is there a way to fix this? Our household primarely uses the app.

Input item=Trockenfutterspender_Kueche_Uhrzeit label="Futterzeit [%1$tl:%1$tM Uhr]" inputHint="time"

fixed it.

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