Sitemap & items files disappear after reboot

Hi there!

I am using openHAB2 beta 4 on a Raspberry and so far everything works fine. My Zwave things are found and I can even use them. Then I setup my items and sitemap files. Still everythings works. But after rebooting my Raspberry, both files (sitemap and items) disappeared. Has anyone any idea what my mistake is?

Thanks in advance,

Can you give us some more information? What exactly means disappeared? Are they deleted? Have you checked the folders using a ssh connection to verify that they are gone? If so, what happens if you create another file in this folder (e. g. test.txt), only to check if this file is also deleted during reboot.

How was OH2 installed? With apt-get or manually?

And what does the log says? Could you post the log file after a reboot?

Other than that, I recommend to use the latest snapshot version of OH2. There were many, many improvments since the release of b4. You can easily use openHABian to install it. Works like a charm.


Others have reported disappearing files as a symptom of a failing SD card. There is nothing in OH 2 that I’m aware of that alters any of the files in the conf folder (/etc/openhab2 for apt-get).

Yeap, it has nothing to do with openHAB. The files are disappearing not just in the openHAB folders, but in others as well.

Thank you Stefan and Rich for your help and sorry for the off-topic post.