Sitemap items instantiating/overwriting PaperUI Items?

About a week ago, I had a power failure, and the charts showing the temperature from my GoControl thermostat stopped working. Other charts were updating from the PIR sensors, so I assumed it was a problem with the thermostat. I power cycled it, with all manner of incantations both on it and the Z-wave stick to try to get the data to come through to the chart. There was no indication in the log files of the Thing field getting updated.

So, during testing, I renamed the chart sitemap so it would not be used by OpenHab. The first thing I saw was an update to the temperature of the thermostat.

It appears that depending on the order of instantiation, that a sitemap could overwrite an existing Thing??? Is this possible? Moreover, what is the best most reliable and maintainable way of managing my Items and things? I love OpenHab, but I can’t be tinkering with it as much as I have been. Once I get it set up, it needs to function without a lot of babysitting.


But it is very possible that your power outage corrupted your file system.

Either through PaperUI or through the text configs are equally reliable. Which you should choose depends on what your personal preference and work flow is.

The problem is all the other stuff around OH that can cause you problems. For example, power failures without shutting down your machine first can cause file system corruptions. It’s even worse for SD cards. SD cards themselves can fail because they can wear out.