Sitemap no longer available when not connected to home network (via OH-Cloud)


i made some changes to my sitemap and something broke it …
I can use it fine when connected to my wifi but when i disable WiFi and try it over the myopenhab cloud it responds:

OH delivers an empty sitemap list

I can’t wrap my head around that.
I tried creating a new sitemap and it’s the same …

myopenhab tells me that it’s online …
if i click on home however
Your openHAB is online. Click here to access your openHAB’s dashboard
it does only show a white page.

thank you for helping!

Sorry, for some reason we cannot see your configuration across the Internet.

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sorry, you are rigt …
i am on debian vm now and running openhabian with the latest snapshot.
i tried accessing via the iPhone app.

on my phone i did not make any changes - neither did i edit the .cfg-file.

url for remote access is set to
and i put my myopenhab

username and password in the fields.
i tried it with “always send login data” on and off - no success.

the config file for myopenhab is empty because everything is optional.

i did only edit the sitemap file …
I made a new one with just one item and i can see it locally but i have the same problem when disabling wifi and trying over lte.

Jonas88, we still don’t know your openHAB version!

We now have threads with a similar problem regarding the Android and iOS app, so it is not an app problem. But it looks like it is bound to version 3.1.0 M4.
I will open a github issue later this day.


I couldnt find the other thread because i did not know how the error correctly translates …
I wrote above that i am using the latest snapshot (build 2378) so it really seems to be the same issue that your are facing.
Thanks for your support!



Any idea how I can debug this?
I looked into the code of but even if I compile this with extra debugging, how can I install this in my openhab environment? That is not clear to me.