Sitemap not refreshing properly

I’ve got an annoying issue with my sitemap. :blush:
Most of the time, it’s not refreshing as expected. A bit hard to see an up to date status of a switch.

  1. When I fe change a switch to ON, I see it jumping to ON, and directly to OFF again. (or vice versa).
  2. The light goes to ON. (no difference with KNX, zwave or shelly devices).
  3. When I refresh the page, the switch is changed to ON. (webbrowser or android app are acting same)
  4. It has the same behavoir when I connect to openhab directly, nginx or over the cloud

Any hint where I should look?

  • Can this be linked to a ‘to big’ sitemap (currently 1900 lines)?
  • To much items (currently 2900 lines)?
  • Server issues (virtual machine on dell server, plenty of resources)?
  • I currently use openhab 3.1.0 (stable version).

All suggestion are welcome!!!