Sitemap openhab App(android) Item not updated

18th of march 2020: did the latest update of openhabian on Raspberry pi 4
In my sitemap I have a group item used as a switch.
now, I get, seemingly ramdomly, get errors that “Item xxxx could not be updated (http400)” on my android phone
No errors in the logging (at first sight).
the group item “contains” six lights.
Together with this error, … When i turn off/on the light with a hue button, the switch is not in sync anymore. closing the app and restarting it, doesn’t do the trick…
Annoying errors…

Hi Stefan,

Does your switch/group work in basicUI?
Is the group created in paperUI or is it filebased?

group is made in paperui
it works both in basicui as in the android app, I mean, I can switch the lights on and off in BasicUI and in the android app
so far so good. But, in the android app I get random errors that “item xxx could not be updated”
But, I don’t SEE what is not updated, as it seems to work.
What doesn’t work, is the sync. If I change the group switch form on to off or from off to on, using the hue button, or google assistent (not ga via openhab), the switch is not synced in the app. Also, not in the basicUI. Not even after reload basicuit, or restarting the app.
So, I guess, the error means that it cannot update the switch “state”.

Watch events.log. When you toggle the Hue switch what do you see happening with the Group? Does it receive the command? Does it change state?

found it.
I have a nice tree structure of groups, subgroups,subsubgroups…
The error I made was mixing different types of groups.
like :

  • GV_Bureau_Ceiling_Spots(group, type:none)
    linked to it:
    GV_Bureau_Ceiling_Spot_1 (and spot 2 and spot 3) group, type none
    and linked to each above group there Brightness and ColorTemperature channel item
    This give a nice nested view…
    And I have also a group per spot, 1 for brightness and 1 for Colortemperature type dimmer, AVG
    So, I have to rethink my setup :frowning:

Where do you see this error and how does it look like? Like the first toast here: ?

it’s not a toast message, it’s a notification. I have android 9 on samsung s8. and it appears between the other notifications. (not the notifications of the app itself, it’s in the notifications of the android system)
It’s not always giving the error. It’s about one group with subgroups and in total 6 osram+gledopto lights. It’s a http 400 error. “item xxx could not be updated”
But, as I stated before, it’s probably because of I have groups with color as well as brightness channel items… I can understand something goes wrong.

Notification means that one of the background tasks has failed. Background tasks are Widgets, NFC tags, Alarm clock, phone state.
So this is completely unrelated to your sitemap. Do you use one of these?

I use phone state, …but I have no problems with that.
the item specified in the error message, was definitly a group item, with no relation to that phone state item.
It’s not an error I can reproduce anymore , I already made some changes, and for now, the error didn’t appear again.
If for some reason I get the error, I’ll make a copy of the screen, and put more info about my system here.
Thanks for your support!

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