Sitemap page refresh - stop scrolling to top

I have lot of rows in main screen of Openhab2 latest v2.5.3 (also before) on RPi4 Raspbian stretch.

If I scroll in browser to low part of screen to select some submenu, wait a bit.
After few seconds follows page refresh and screen rolls always to top of main screen.
Is it possible to stay on submenu position if a page refresh occurs ?.
I know that this behaviour is maybe question for browser.

It apperas on Chrome, Firefox browser under Windows.
On Android is all OK, position of screen stays same as before refresh.


What OS & browser / app?
What OH version?

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Yeh, it’s an annoyance with ClassicUI at least.

I have found the best way to get around it is to structure your sitemap into “sub pages”, using Group or Text widgets with { } sections.
Minimize the size/length of any one “page”.

Yes is a classicUI. Thanks for help.