Sitemap page with all available things


I just noticed when there is an error in my sitemap code, all available things are just listed instead. Is there any way to automatically include this view in a separate frame of my regular sitemap? That would save me the trouble to use PaperUI to check/operate channels that are not included in my sitemap.
Bonus would be a list sorted ba alphabet, the one I got with the code error seemed quite random.

Thanks a lot!

You could put all Items in a Group that is referenced on the sitemap. When you add new Items, put them into the same Group.

Thanks, that only works for items from the items file though.

For example, I have a presence sensor and only use the presence sensor in my rules. The “sitemap error” view however listed the thing with all its channels which could be nice for admin purposes.

I did not think you could list Things on a sitemap.


Right. Attached is the view I am referring to with all items and all their channels:

That default sitemap is also only showing Items. It is showing only the Channels of those Things that have Items linked to them. It essentially lists the same stuff you will see in the Control tab in PaperUI. But it’s still showing Items, not Things.

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Ah, I see. Strange that it says “Things” on top then.
Do you know a way to get this “default sitemap” as a frame in my regular sitemap?