Sitemap - pushbutton that triggers "on"


I have a very simple interface with my garage door opener. Every time I trigger a “on” (or “1”) my garage door sets in motion. If the garage door happens to be closed, it will open and vice versa. This also implies that I don’t have status-information (I don’t know if my garage is open or not).

Now, on my sitemap I have a switch:

Switch item=KNX_GV_Garage_Poort_4_0_0 label="Garage Poort"

But, since it is a switch, it always toggles “on” and “off”.

Is it possible to have the switch in my sitemap only toggle “on”?

Something like this?

Switch item=KNX_GV_Garage_Poort_4_0_0 label="Garage door" mappings=[ON="Do it"]

Haha, no not “something” like that, but exactly like that. Thanks! It works!

Just for your information: This kind of pushbutton unfortunately isn’t handled correctly in the iOS app; it’s mostly displayed as “ON”, means: you have to turn it “OFF” before you can “push” it (two clicks instead of one).