Sitemap showing energy market prices by hour

Hi there!

I’ve got energy market spot prices stored in 24 different number items. They are named Energy_Price_Hour00, Energy_Price_Hour01 and so on.

I would like to show a bar graph in a sitemap showing the energy prices hour by hour. (I don’t intend to show historic values, just current values for my 24 items) Can it be done easily?

For sitemaps I know rrd4j works well but I don’t think it has the ability to do a bar graph. What it will show is something like this

Pic and example setup found here.

If you need the bar graph look at Grafana and influxdb. It’s not something you will have on your sitemap but can be configured to suit most needs.

Thanks! I’ve asked the Grafana community for some help.

No luck in the Grafana Community so far.

Grafana is used for plotting time series, values with a time stamp. I’m not interested in the data’s time stamp.

Below is an example showing what type of graph that I’d like to achieve. Any ideas what tool I should use to create the graph someone?

That’s not how these graphs are intended to work indeed. The same applies to rrdj4, that should also be time series of a single item.

My suggestion would be to have a single item containing the price that is updated every hour, and persisting that with the persistence service of your choice. Then you can graph the energy price of the last 24 hours. I think that is the closest you can get.