Sitemap stopped working [SOLVED]

Were there some changes made to how the sitemap configs are handled?
Following things stopped working (without changing anything from my side, just updating to the latest snapshot):

  • items in sitemaps are no longer labeled by their name but by their id (e.g Switch item=SomeID
    will show SomeID instead of defined name in item definition)
  • visibility settings are not taken into account anymore (settings with visbility=[SomeItem==SomeValue] are ignored)
  • Some float values aren’t shown anymore

This exact configuration worked for years, so I assume some breaking changes were made.

For which version of OH?

But the short answer is there is no change I’m aware of.

2.5.0 Build #1597. Very strange then.

openhab-cli clean-cache
did the trick, so false alarm from my side :slight_smile: