Sitemap switch item with mapping to different items?

Hi there,

i have rollershutters which only have long-/ shortterm processing and I can´t stop the shutter moving with standard buttons. I have two questions:

-1. Can i make a switch button with mapping that triggers for example

UP = long-term (knx=“3/1/12”)
STOP = short-term down (knx=“3/1/13”) that´s the only way i can stop the move
DOWN = long-term (knx=“3/1/12”)

the items would contain two items which have to get referenced with one button in sitemap … is that possible ?

-2. I could make it also with a rule

if longTermItem receiveCommand STOP do shortTermItem.sendCommand(DOWN)

But that way I´d have to find out which item has been pressed and which item I have to send the stop command to … a bit more “ugly” in my oppinion…

What´d you say ?