Sitemap text with group, icon based on state of a group member

I’m building a sitemap for my garden, which has a light, motion sensor and a temperature sensor. In the sitemap i created a group labeled “Tuin”.

Frame label="Tuin" icon="garden" {
    Default item=OU_Outside_MotionSwitch label="Motion sensor" icon="switch"
    Text label="Tuin" icon="lantaarn" { 
        Default item=OU_Outside_Light label="Lantaarn" icon="lantaarn"
        Default item=OU_Outside_Motion label="Sensor"
        Default item=OU_Outside_Temperature label="Temperatuur [%.1f °C]"

I want the icon of the label “Tuin” reflect the state of the “Lantaarn”, item OU_Outside_Light . The ON, OFF and default icons for lataarn are present and are working for the “Lantaarn”.

How can i get the icon of “Tuin” reflect the state of “Lantaarn”?


Text label="Tuin []" item=OU_Outside_Light {

In other words just make your “enclosing” sitemap the light, and hide any label / state you don’t want to see.

That works. Thanks rossko57.