Sitemap visibility within group


I am building a set of rules to provide reasonably comprehensive monitoring of my system.

At the moment, I am have 3 contact switches per alert (AlertName_isOK, AlertName_isALERT, AlertName_isCRITICAL). I am then using groups to put together these sub-items. This is working well as I am able to use the SUM group function to see how many items are there in each state.

However, when I actually open the group, I still see all the other alerts. How can I set group-level visibility? In my case, I only want to see contacts that are OPEN - rest does not need to be visible. Alternatively, can I at least sort to see the OPEN contacts at the top?

You can use the visibility attribute on your sitemap to only show the contacts that are open. Details are on the [wiki].1
However, you will have to put the items on the sitemap individually, not just by adding the group.

To my knowledge there is now way to sort or control which items are visible on a sitemap when you just use the group.

Yes, that’s the problem - I wanted to avoid needing to add everything manually. I guess I would need to build some templates + generator script to put these together as I cannot imagine maintaining this manually for 30+ items. Thanks you for your reply!